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10 August 2010 @ 03:57 pm
What on earth is going on with fandoms these days?? Honestly! Where has all the love gone?

So Fall Out Boy is taking a break. Big DEAL! The boys deserve to be able to do whatever the Hell they want! It’s their lives. Who are we to tell them no? Isn’t it our job as their fans to be there to support their projects and decisions? I’m not saying you have to be a fan for all eternity, but you can’t start losing faith or whatever and still claim to be a loving fan when things start to get a little shaky. LONG LIVE THE CARCRASH HEARTS! BLEIVERS NEVER DIE!

And what the Hell, MCRmy? You’re “losing faith” in the boys because it’s been 15 months since the boys told us to look out for a new CD? Grow up! Or at least pay attention! They postponed it after playing a festival in Japan because they realized they could do better….that they needed a direction for the CD instead of throwing random songs together. They didn’t want to just give us the first 13 or so songs out of their brains! The boys wanted to give us their best. They deserve a little patience from their soldiers. And why were you all surprised when Gee dyed his hair bleach blonde for Comic Con? He’s Gerard freaking Way. His hair is always changing! Oh, and it’s true that Bob did have a wrist injury. A tendon snapped in his wrist and coiled up into his arm, but that’s not why he left the band. He recovered and can still play. He’s been quoted saying that he left because the boys have become divas. Sadly, I can believe this happening, but only because Gee’s rather eccentric, and Frankie really doesn’t give a crap about what anyone says or thinks about him. But do you guys remember why we joined the MCRmy? I know I joined because they were there for me. They gave me reasons to put down the knife and actually live my life! I know that deep down they still stand for that. Reading some of the new lyrics online, I can still sense that in them. No matter how big their egos may get, these boys still care deeply about the fans. I’ll love them forever for that. And I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again: I know I might make it seem like I worship every minute detail about these boys, including the air they breathe, and make it sound as though they can do no wrong. This isn’t true. I know they sometimes say and do things that I don’t agree with. They’re human. MCRmy FOREVER!

As for Cobra, I don’t really know what’s going on, but I’ve noticed a sudden uprising in Cobra hate as well! What’s up with that? Sure I don’t live and breathe Cobra, but I’m still a fan of their music. In the end, that’s all that should matter. Pete Wentz once said, “You should either love or hate FOB because you love or hate FOB.” I think that applies with any band. At the end of the day, you should love or hate a band because of what they create….the music.

Can all the fandoms just take a chill pill? PLEASE! Love or hate the music, and leave all the boys alone! And before you start complaining about an aspect of the band or a musician, please pay attention and learn all the facts first!

*Sigh* Sorry about that little tirade. But I just felt that it was something that needed to be said. Music is my soul. It’s everything to me, so I take it a little personally when the only thing I’ve ever had complete faith in starts to fall apart.
phoenixsong86phoenixsong86 on August 12th, 2010 11:16 pm (UTC)
I agree 100% about music being my (and your) soul. Am I sad FOB is on hiatus? Yes. Do I still love their music? Yes! Do I still love Patrick? HELL YES! So I understand where you are coming from. And personally, I can't wait for MCR to come out with their new stuff...no matter how long it takes as long as its good!

Hope you've had a good summer. Mine has been awfully chaotic.
falloutmcrmyfalloutmcrmy on September 4th, 2010 01:28 am (UTC)
Oh wow. See how often I check my own news site? xD Sorry it's taken me a while to reply!

But I'm glad you fully understand! I like knowing that I'm not alone.

My summer was good, though not long enough. I just survived my second week of school.

How have things been for you?