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18 January 2011 @ 10:00 pm
Hey guys!

I know this community has been awfully quiet for awhile...and I myself have been meaning to post a thorough review of MCR's newest CD (I got it as a secret santa gift for Christmas) but have been really hard put to find the time. I'm hoping though that some of you who like this community for the Fall Out Boy stuff or any of their brother bands will consider joining the group below. We are recruiting new members who are willing to be active and participate on a fairly regular basis or we will no longer exist! It's really fun and its a great way to meet people and show how great of a FOB fan you are! If you're interested in checking it out hit the link below!!


17 November 2010 @ 08:47 pm
The oh so silent Patrick Stump is silent no more!

I was perusing facebook this evening to be greeted by some very awesome news! Patrick has finally given us some more info (though not much) on his upcoming album called....SOUL PUNK. Awesome title. He also has the beginings of some merch for sale. I won't tell you all of it because I would hate to spoil the surprise. Suffice it to say that I will be very anxious for February.

Here are the links-one is for an MTV article and the other is his website:



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07 September 2010 @ 05:49 pm
Frakins updated on the official MCR site. Here's what the lovely boy had to say:

Hola friends, screw you enemies, it's been awhile. I trust you've been well! Hope you spent your holiday weekend wearing a smile...how would you like an update? Do you believe in the old saying that no news is good news? Well if you do, I suggest you close your eyes and read no further, cause I am about to post some news up in this bitch.

Here's the score:

First off, I would like to say thank you to everyone on Twitter and the message boards for all your well wishes and congratulations, it's very cool to have so many people excited for us. Yes, my wife and I are now the proud owners of two brand new baby girls!!! And we couldn't be more thrilled. I must say they are a bit small yet to do all of the heavy lifting and chores I need done, but I'm pretty sure in time they will end up paying for themselves, plus they are so goddamned cute it's sickening.

#2 our new record is done, finished, kaput, in the proverbial can, and being played loudly as we drive way too fast in our respective cars.

Would you like to hear it? Ah, I bet you would, but all in due time my friends...good things come to a patient MCRmy. We have a plan, and we are sticking to it. But look alive, keep your ears to the ground and your eyes bloodshot and open...there are signs everywhere and it will all make sense to you soon. Keep checking back for the shit to hit the fan.

Exciting news item number tre'. Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock comes out Sept 28! Excited? Us too! Actually, we're so psyched we designed an exclusive guitar strap for the game, and you can get yours by pre-ordering your copy at Amazon.com! Happy shredding...in style!

Item of news that is fourth: THE 6th AND FINAL ART PRINT IS HERE! (applause) thank you everyone for your patience, yes the wait is over. "satan save the west coast, cause god wants us dead", like the 5 before it, is limited to 200 pieces, but this little bastard has been signed and stamped by all 4 members! And is available now. Please ENJOI!

Ah its been fun friends, but I must say goodbye for now. Thank you for the love, the trending topics, the beautiful drawings and artwork, and for giving everyone around you a headache by playing our records so loud.

We have much in store for you darlings, it's gonna be a fucking trip.

Thanks for always coming along for the ride. xofrank
05 September 2010 @ 04:38 pm
Ok, so over the past day or so, the boys have gotten to be even more creative, and the fans have been concocting all sorts of theories.

There are a couple suspicious Twitter accounts that popped up, followed by Frank, Alicia Way, and a couple others. They've been posting really random things, perhaps clues.

For links and theories, go here: http://mcrdeviantclub.deviantart.com/blog/34772478/
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03 September 2010 @ 05:37 pm
If there's anyone out there who still reads this blog, or rather checks in on it from time to time, you best be listening up.

I have been waiting for this for a long time. We fellow MCR fans have been anxious and rather upset by the month-2 month dry spell on the official site. NOTHING had changed.

Last night, a fan requested to Toro that the page be updated, to which Toro replied, "Patience."
Today our patience has, almost, been rewarded.

If you go to the official site, you'll notice that you can't get anywhere. There's a little TV with a couple stations of static, heartbeats, elevator music......and one song: A Horse With No Name. There's also ever changing numbers, most of which move too fast to read, like milliseconds on a stopwatch.

One fan's theory is that the numbers will eventually slow down to reveal the release date. (I feel that's a pretty good theory.)

I have a feeling the boys chose that song for a reason...But why, I still have yet to figure out.

After three days in the desert fun….

…After nine days I let the horse run free…
10 August 2010 @ 03:57 pm
What on earth is going on with fandoms these days?? Honestly! Where has all the love gone?

So Fall Out Boy is taking a break. Big DEAL! The boys deserve to be able to do whatever the Hell they want! It’s their lives. Who are we to tell them no? Isn’t it our job as their fans to be there to support their projects and decisions? I’m not saying you have to be a fan for all eternity, but you can’t start losing faith or whatever and still claim to be a loving fan when things start to get a little shaky. LONG LIVE THE CARCRASH HEARTS! BLEIVERS NEVER DIE!

And what the Hell, MCRmy? You’re “losing faith” in the boys because it’s been 15 months since the boys told us to look out for a new CD? Grow up! Or at least pay attention! They postponed it after playing a festival in Japan because they realized they could do better….that they needed a direction for the CD instead of throwing random songs together. They didn’t want to just give us the first 13 or so songs out of their brains! The boys wanted to give us their best. They deserve a little patience from their soldiers. And why were you all surprised when Gee dyed his hair bleach blonde for Comic Con? He’s Gerard freaking Way. His hair is always changing! Oh, and it’s true that Bob did have a wrist injury. A tendon snapped in his wrist and coiled up into his arm, but that’s not why he left the band. He recovered and can still play. He’s been quoted saying that he left because the boys have become divas. Sadly, I can believe this happening, but only because Gee’s rather eccentric, and Frankie really doesn’t give a crap about what anyone says or thinks about him. But do you guys remember why we joined the MCRmy? I know I joined because they were there for me. They gave me reasons to put down the knife and actually live my life! I know that deep down they still stand for that. Reading some of the new lyrics online, I can still sense that in them. No matter how big their egos may get, these boys still care deeply about the fans. I’ll love them forever for that. And I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again: I know I might make it seem like I worship every minute detail about these boys, including the air they breathe, and make it sound as though they can do no wrong. This isn’t true. I know they sometimes say and do things that I don’t agree with. They’re human. MCRmy FOREVER!

As for Cobra, I don’t really know what’s going on, but I’ve noticed a sudden uprising in Cobra hate as well! What’s up with that? Sure I don’t live and breathe Cobra, but I’m still a fan of their music. In the end, that’s all that should matter. Pete Wentz once said, “You should either love or hate FOB because you love or hate FOB.” I think that applies with any band. At the end of the day, you should love or hate a band because of what they create….the music.

Can all the fandoms just take a chill pill? PLEASE! Love or hate the music, and leave all the boys alone! And before you start complaining about an aspect of the band or a musician, please pay attention and learn all the facts first!

*Sigh* Sorry about that little tirade. But I just felt that it was something that needed to be said. Music is my soul. It’s everything to me, so I take it a little personally when the only thing I’ve ever had complete faith in starts to fall apart.
26 July 2010 @ 08:08 pm
Hi again guys! Maybe you've heard, but Gee went to Comicon. Of course he had his own panel and whatnot. If you'd like to see some photos and a short video, follow this link! ->http://trashwire.com/2010/07/23/comic-con-dark-horse-gerard-way/
24 July 2010 @ 11:35 pm
Looking for a rather humorous bit of news on Patrick Stump? MTV wrote a pretty good one. ^_^ Mind you, I've already posted on the news, but their writer is much better than I am. (What can I say? This isn't my career.) Here's the article:

Patrick Stump has never really been the most tech-savvy dude — his social networking presence isn't exactly what you would call robust — so, when he took to his Twitter account late Friday (July 16), it was clearly because he had something important to say.

"This is the first tweet I'm typing myself," he wrote on the page, which, up until this point, had been maintained/updated by someone else. "Gonna clear up some misinformation."

At issue were stories about his upcoming solo album, several of which seemed to insinuate that he'd no longer be playing every instrument on the disc (something he's long maintained), but would be joined on the album by former Taking Back Sunday bassist Matt Rubano and drummer Mike Fasano.

"Matt Rubano is playing in my band, he's a genius, but he is not playing on the record," Stump wrote. "Mike Fasano isn't playing on the record either, he's my drum tech, and a damn good one ... I'm still playing everything on the record and it's almost done."

Considering that the Rubano stuff had been circulating since late May, you get a pretty good idea of how often Stump checks in online. But, since he had momentum, he also used his Twitter to address a Washington Post blog post that quoted him as saying his debut disc would feature "outsider folk."

" 'Outsider folk' was a misquote. I said, 'Outsider funk,' but it's not even really that anymore," he wrote. "It's basically an R&B album, but as they say, 'Talking about music is like dancing about architecture ...' You'll have to just hear yourself."

He closed by promising that fans would be hearing his much-discussed solo debut very soon, writing, "Patience will be rewarded. I guarantee no Chinese Democracy."

MTV News sent Stump an e-mail to see if he had anything to add to his, uh, addendums, and, somewhat surprisingly, we got a response — one that hinted, in a very funny way, that fans probably shouldn't expect another outpouring of Tweets like this any time soon.

"The only thing I have to add: I still don't dig Twitter. To paraphrase Lee Marvin, 'I know my career must be doing great 'cause I'm getting quoted incorrectly,' " Stump wrote. "I was tempted out of my cave by misinformation. But you'll never see me tweet what I had for lunch."

Goodness I love that man. ^_^
24 July 2010 @ 11:14 pm
Peter Wentz has a new project band! It's called Black Cards. I've got to say, judging from the two clips he posted for us, they sounds pretty groovy.....which is odd for me to say since I'm not really into female vocalists. But here's what Petey's got to say about the new band:

"The takeover, the break is indeed over. As you may've read about over the last week, I've got a new band called Black Cards. When FOB went on hiatus, I wasn't really sure what to do with myself. I know I wanted to keep travelling the world with my family. We had been to Jamaica recently. I spent a lot of time hanging around the beaches and I started to get inspired again by songs like "two sevens clash" and "warriors". I'd never heard any of these songs but could imagine them having an everlasting imprint, like people would dance to this stuff forever. I could feel these songs really meant something. Not just in Jamaica but globally, crossing through culture and language. I started collaborating via email with my friend Sam, who I knew from working on "As Cruel as School Children". He had been listening to a lot of old British stuff and we mashed that with the island vibe in the studio. I wanted to try a female vocalist cos I couldn't imagine trying to replace Patrick. Combine all this with my nonsense and ideas. Stuff I could never write or never had a perspective to write from in FOB.

Check out some of what we've been working on here at www.blackcardsmusic.com. I know this won't be for everyone but honestly its a chance for me to try something different. I remain Fall Out Boy's #1 fan.


I love that kid. ^_^

Here's the website if you want to take a little listen: http://blackcardsmusic.com/

P.S. I hope you all had a fantastic International My Chemical Romance Day yesterday! Did anyone do anything exciting?
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20 July 2010 @ 09:06 pm
Hi hi! :D

How have you guys been? Have you all been surviving the news drought?

As it so happens, I've got a little bit of news for you guys! Mr. Patrick Stump recently posted some Tweets.....for the first time EVER. (That's right, his first tweets weren't even written by him.) Here's what he had to say:

This is the first tweet I'm typing myself. Gonna clear up some misinformation. Matt Rubano is playing in my band, he's a genius, but he is not playing on the record, Mike Fasano isn't playing on the record either, he's my drum tech, and a damn good one. I'm still playing everything on the record and it's almost done. "Outsider folk" was a mis-quote. I said "Outsider funk," but it's not even really that anymore. It's basically an r&b album but as they say "Talking about music is like dancing about architecture..." You'll have to just hear yourself. I'm going to disappear back to the studio but stay tuned...patience will be rewarded. I guarantee no Chinese Democracy.

(I don't remember that misquote, but I don't claim to have read every single Patrick interview. *Shrug* )

And then when I got onto Tumblr today, I came across a lovely post that included a new photo of Trick, a video of him doing a cover song, and a link to the download! However, the photo was a still from the video, so I don't think I need to post that.

Oh goodness I miss his hats, sideburns, and his teddy bear fluff. But he's still adorable! (Sorry...I know I've mentioned that a couple times now...)

Download: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=P7ANJ3DF
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